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Our dedicated team of professionals understands and listens to the requirements of both investors and tenants. We are committed to building personal relationships to deliver the best possible results. With an extensive portfolio of properties under our management, we know our business. Here's how Prime Estate are committed to meeting your needs. We:

  • Assign a senior property manager who will be responsible for the management of your property
  • Maximise the return from your investment
  • Source the most reliable and suitable tenants
  • Use a leading tenant payment system for rent collection
  • Ensure rent is paid promptly
  • Manage creditor accounts on your behalf e.g. Council/Water rates and Insurance
  • Process all administrative documentation expertly
  • Act immediately on all landlord and tenant requests
  • Maintain communication with our landlords at all times, frequently and efficiently
  • Are continually up-skilling and training our staff members to give you the best service

At Prime Estate we continue to innovate, enhance and improve our systems and processes to ensure we stay ahead of the pack and provide the best possible service. We're able to provide a total, stress free property management service. Call us today for a free rent appraisal of your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once an authority is signed with our company, we commence marketing your property straight away. Prospective tenants that we have on our database are contacted and advised of your property and it is automatically placed on our website and a For Lease sign is erected.

It is important that your property is presented in the best possible condition and at a market rent. This should ensure that the property is leased within a short period of time. Prevailing market conditions will also have an impact on the vacancy period. Simply, it is our aim to lease your property at the highest possible rent to the most suitable tenant in the shortest possible time.

Each client is provided with the direct details of their Property Manager managing their property. At Prime Estate, we conduct both internal and external ongoing training, which are fully funded by the company. We pride ourselves on providing the service of the highest quality and standard.

Our Property Managers conducts personal inspections of properties with prospective tenants. To apply for a property, a prospective tenant is required to complete a detailed application form and supply references where appropriate. This form is checked thoroughly including an optional (additional cost) National Tenancy Database and Public Records Search. The landlord is then advised of the outcome so they can make an informed decision on the application(s). The landlord makes the final decision on applicants presented to them.

Tenants are signed up on the DEFT direct debit system before the commencement of their tenancy; this reduces the problem of arrears.Once the rent has been paid, how quickly do I receive payment?

At Prime Estate we direct credit our clients on a weekly basis or as per the arrangement that we made upon the listing of your property.

Estate agents are required to lodge all residential bonds received with The Residential Tenancies Bond Authority within five days of receipt. The interest generated is put back into the running of VCAT and other associated tenancy literature printed etc. The bond can only be released to the tenant or landlord by both parties signing the bond claim form. These signatures are matched up against those on the bond lodgement form at the commencement of the tenancy.

If there is any damage caused to my property monies can only be deducted from the bond if the tenant agrees. If there is a dispute between a landlord and tenant, an appropriate application needs to be made to VCAT within 14 days of the tenant vacating the premises.

A member of VCAT will hear the case and make a binding decision based on the evidence presented. We encourage a landlord and tenant to resolve any disputes prior as applying to VCAT is a costly and at times lengthy procedure. It should be used as a last resort!

Landlords should consider all aspects of property management in coming to a decision to appoint an agent. Fees are only one component and, although important, a decision should never be made based on this solely. An expert property manager may cost more initially but overall, they will save you money by providing excellent property management and sound advice.

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