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Dedicated to meeting your property goals, our small team of expert buyer's agents knows the Melbourne property market inside and out.

Are you struggling with the many processes and extensive research involved in purchasing a property? Maybe your schedule or location makes it difficult and time consuming. Rest assured - there is a solution at hand. We specialise in simplifying the process to save you time and stress, while delivering results.

Prime Estate is a licensed buyers agent under the Estate Agents Act 1980. We provide homebuyers, Australian and overseas property investors with sound independent advice for purchasing property. Located in Melbourne's leafy inner-south, we have lived and breathed the Melbourne property market for many years, sharing in the success of our buyers and extending our expertise. Our small team are hands-on, highly experienced and committed to helping you achieve the best possible outcomes with your purchase. Chris or Martine are always up for a coffee or a casual chat over the Phone or Skype. We look forward to discussing your property objectives with you.


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