Buyers Advocacy

Comprehensive, expert services to help you meet your property buying objectives.

As experts in Melbourne’s property market and with decades of experience, we know how to deliver results and secure you the right home or investment property. Our services are tailored to meet the varied objectives of first home buyers, local Melbourne investors, Australian ex-pats living overseas, finance professionals, accountants and more. Wherever you’re located and whichever type of property you seek, our services are designed to give you the best chance at property success.


To start, join us for a no-obligation coffee and chat consultation to establish your goals and requirements including your budget, preferred area and the types of property you are interested in. Can’t do coffee? No problem, we’re available by phone or email

Property Search

  • Includes a comprehensive property search to meet your criteria. Properties are inspected on your behalf, saving you valuable time and money.
  • Use us to unlock access to unlisted properties.
  • Your Buyer’s Agent will be contacted directly by agents of properties before they are listed on the market.
  • Skip the queue as your Buyer’s Agent cold calls on properties that meet your criteria.


You will be presented with property options that are prioritised in accordance with your selected criteria (either electronically or in person) for review and selection. Suitable viewing times can then be arranged.

The Property

Evaluation and Assessment

  • You receive a detailed report on the property.
  • We arrange building inspections. (client is invoiced directly).
  • Solicitors will then review the section 32 and contract of sale to identify any potential issues with the property.


  • Where possible, you will learn why the vendor is selling (as a negotiation tool for the Buyer’s Agent).
  • The level of interest in the property will be ascertained.
  • The vendor’s preferred settlement terms will be clarified.
  • Your Buyer’s Agent will assess capital growth potential in the area based on historical and future growth trends as well as economic indicators.


  • You will receive a property history, i.e. most recent sold price, renovations undertaken, etc.
  • Value is then determined using comparable sales in the area.
  • Building or pest inspections are arranged.
  • Value based on current rental yield figures is determined.
  • Value based on historical capital growth of the property is determined.
The Purchase

Acquisition Strategy

Once a property has been selected, an acquisition strategy is developed – including pre-auction offer, auction strategy or negotiation tactics for private sale/treaty properties. This is developed on a property by property basis and is not a one size fits all approach.


Your pre-auction offer will be submitted by us, based on our commitment to securing the property at the lowest price possible.

Auction Bidding

Your auction strategy will be used to secure the property for the lowest price possible; Your Buyer’s Agent will bid at the auction on your behalf, reducing the stress and emotion associated with bidding.

Post Auction Negotiation

We negotiate the acquisition of the property on your behalf should the property be passed in at auction.

Private Sale

Your offer will be submitted based on our commitment to securing the property at the lowest price possible..

Referral Services

You will gain access to our independent, strong contacts with preferred providers including:

  • Finance brokers and banks
  • Land conveyancers
  • Removalists
  • Architects and builders
  • Solicitors

Property Management

Need help with property management? Our dedicated property manager takes the stress out of managing properties and tenants… Property Management

Australian Expats

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Prime Estate specialises in purchasing properties for clients based overseas. We understand the level of professional service required to fulfil your needs and allay your concerns. We understand the additional information expatriate purchasers require and we prepare a property report for each property under consideration. The report includes quality detailed photographs of the property, the streetscape, floor plans, location maps and most importantly, detailed information of recent sales in the suburb which allow you to make a fully informed decision regarding the price of the property. Successful property purchases have been achieved for clients residing all over the world including Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK, UAE-Dubai, Germany, USA, Canada, Thailand and more. Prime Estate is committed to its overseas clients with regular visits throughout the year. It also undertakes a series of free property seminars each year to provide its clients with an update on what’s happening in the Australian property market. These visits also allow existing and potential clients to meet with our staff to discuss their next property purchase while also answering any questions or queries potential clients may have in regard to the service offered. You’ll gain access to our list of preferred suppliers for property services, from finance to taxation and property management, should you be considering an investment property. Our professional and independent service covers every step of the purchasing process from search through to settlement.