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Martine Chauvin Director

Expertise & Service

Buying a property at the age of 20 is no small feat, and for Martine, this ignited a passion for property. Today, she owns and manages the busy Prime Estate buyer’s advocacy and property management company in Melbourne. Martine’s extensive knowledge of the Melbourne property market coupled with exceptional communication and organisational skills, keeps her in hot demand with her clients and those looking to buy in Melbourne. They’ve come to rely on her expertise throughout the buying and property management process.

Martine is hands-on, strategic and a tough negotiator! These are what make her an outstanding buyer’s advocate and help her ensure the best possible opportunities for her clients to maximise their investment. Whether you are looking to purchase a home or investment property Martine provides a personalised service with a mission to secure the property that best suits your needs.

Dedication to your goals

Martine prides herself on upholding her clients’ best interests through detailed due diligence and transparency throughout the process. Her exceptional success rate of acquiring property, both at auction and private sale, that meets her client’s goals, is due to her deep understanding of the Melbourne property market. The same expertise and dedication to her client’s interests extends to her management of properties throughout Melbourne.

Knowing that every client is different and each transaction unique, Martine goes the extra mile to provide a thorough and comprehensive service. Whether you want to acquire property or engage an effective property manager, you can trust Martine to ensure your goals and needs are reliably met.

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